EA Infects Battlefield Hardline with new DRM

Yesterday, reports emerged suggesting that Battlefield Hardline contained an activation limit. Guru3D was the source of the story, who, in benchmarking Battlefield Hardline’s graphics and performance, encountered this error message: Here is the story from Guru3d: So currently I am working on a graphics performance review for Battlefield Hardline, and guess what ? Do you guys remember the […]

Battlefield Hardline Tweaks, Crashes, Error fixes, FPS, Performance, Lag and Fixes

EA is desperate to keep its Battlefield franchise fresh for millions of fans around the globe. Battlefield Hardline is another attempt to achieve that goal and we sure have divided opinions for the latest iteration in the franchise. I for one believe that franchise like Battlefield and Call of Duty could do better by not […]

How much time I’ve spent playing MOBA’s in the last 12 years

HISTORY I started playing Dota back in about 2003 after being introduced by a friend. I took to it very well, got super addicted and held onto my love of Dota through the next 12 years.   HOURS, GAME TIME & THE SAD TRUTH Please note that these are all just estimates based on what […]

Dota 2 – Various Pathfinding Fixes

Posted on March 6, 2015 Today we fixed a subtle pathfinding bug that had been in the game for a while. We get many reports of issues in the game, and the trickiest ones are the reports of subtle, often fleeting timing issues that result in incorrect hero or spell behavior. The bug we fixed […]