List of known Scum exploits, bugs and tricks

As Scum is still in early access there are still quite a few bugs and exploits. This page will be updated continuously so check back regularly to see what is new or what has been removed.

Please email me or comment below and I will add and credit your contributions.

  • Regaining Stamina

This is done by setting your character to jog, then while you are jogging you can use your melee lunge(left-click) to strike the air as you move forward. This action takes stamina to perform but when it drops it then recovers over and above what is was before. Credit to Ghoststomper for this trick.

  • Hidden Loot Chests 

Scum is full of cool loot but it’s not fun sharing that with others when they raid your camp and pillage your boxes. I have discovered that you can craft chests in rivers and dams. This makes it difficult but not impossible for others to find. Just make sure the river is deep enough so the box doesn’t stick out. This will be good until they add defences to boxes and booby-traps.

  • Infinite Meat

If you kill a puppet or animal in Scum you can carve it up and grab some steaks or make sausages if you have the ingredients. Take the meat to your fire and grab some sticks. Build yourself a meat skewer. There should be 5/5 for you to eat. Eat one or two after cooking it, then disassemble it and re-assemble it. You should see it’s back to 5/5. This works with Meat Skewer and Sausage Skewer.

  • Infinite Ammo

This works with a pistol with only one bullet in your inventory. Click tab with the gun in your hand, drag the single bullet to your gun and chamber it. There should be a 0/x bullet left in your inventory. Drag this to the floor. It then rounds the 0 up to 1. Profit.

  • Infinite alcohol, fizzy drinks etc

This is pretty basic, just use up all the contents of a bottle of soda or alcohol, go to a water filling area and fill up your bottle. You now have a full bottle of soda or booze. Enjoy!