One Less OP(kind of) gun for Battlefield 4

Some gamers say the M16A3, otherwise known as the full auto version of the M16A4 assault rifle was a tad OP. Those n00bs who complained about it will be stoked to hear that Battlefield 4 will apparently not feature the M16A3, only its burst-fire brother, the M16A4.


According to Battlefield 4 multiplayer lead designer (and weapons expert) Alan Kertz, the A3 full auto version will not be in the game when it launches. However, given its popularity in BF3, we’re sure the gun will be available down the line in future DLC, albeit a bit more balanced than the one found in BF3.

The M16A3′s damage and rate of fire were comparable to other weapons, it had almost zero recoil and sick accuracy. If it was an issue a patch would have come out by now anyway.

While several Battlefield 4 videos have shown the M16A3, DICE confirmed that this was indeed the A4 variety, it was only mislabeled as the A3. This should be fixed in time for the upcoming beta, which starts early next month. The game will feature over a dozen different assault rifles, many of them which we haven’t seen in the series before.

I don’t mind personally if they take this AR out or keep it in, what do you think?