Dota 2 South Africa – Matchmaking is broken

Gaben Dota 2

As an avid Dota player I feel it is now necessary to make some noise about our recent server issues.

Most of us pub gamers have experienced this in the last few days, weeks and perhaps even months.

You are searching for a match then the timer resets. This continues on for anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes sometimes until a match is actually found.

Is this a Dota issue? Is this a local server issue? Mweb? Gaben?

Before we go into those answers let’s look at something else quickly.

Have you played a Single Draft game recently and noticed their are shit loads of bots. Enemies that go straight to neutral camps and die. This is really fun when the enemy has one human player and comes around and farms all your bots. How about the rise of players with 30, 70 or over 100 rampages in their profile. Guess what? They are probably playing against bots and stat farming.

So yes, we have idiots that take advantage of these bots but do you know why these bots exist in the first place and what they are doing to Dota and to our local playing experience?

While browsing Loot Market I thought to myself perhaps those bots are gaining items drops and then sending those items back to a master account to eventually be sold or traded.

Whatever the reason is it’s shit.

I have tried searching on Google for some answers, not much has come up. Plenty of complaints for people not finding games but not actually providing a solution or giving reasons.

The Cape Town chat lobby  (full of trolls, racists and 12 year olds ) have said that Valve know about the issue and that we have to wait till the next patch (6.88?). Could be BS.

I take everything I hear in that chat room with a pinch of salt, if you’ve been on there you will know what I mean.

So can you guys please add your comments here so we can keep all the updates in one place. I will update as I hear more verified answers I will let you know. At the moment it’s all rumors and stories.

Hopefully we will be back to regular matchmaking before Roshan’s next respawn.