No Man’s Sky: How to make money

No Man’s Sky’s vast universe is full of challenge and adventure, and you’ll need every bit of currency you can muster to afford the best Ships and equipment. Here are a few helpful tips for making money in No Man’s Sky. Want to earn Units? Here’s how.

Resource Riches

Putting down on some planets reveals a number of facts about flora and fauna, but it also points out when some worlds are “Resource Rich.”

Planets identified as such are absolutely teeming with minerals and custom-made for mining, which in turn means more reselling and faster earnings.

Search For Chest Icons

Resources precious enough for optimal resale often appear with a gray treasure-chest icon when scanned. Use these icons to find precious minerals for mining quickly.


If you’re feeling brazen, mine the skies by attacking lone ships, destroying them, and claiming their cargo. Watch out though…such behavior may lower your standing in unforeseen ways or invite reprisal.

Spotting Things

Your Analysis Visor is useful for more than just identifying creatures and plants. Every critter and tree you tag, every planet you discover, and every waypoint you claim is potential money in the bank.

By pressing the Option button, you can enter a menu that allows you to upload all your discoveries to a galactic database. Every time you do this, you receive a significant cash payout.

Vortex Cubes

Vortex Cubes are trade commodities that can easily fetch 25-35k units each. It has been confirmed that the game’s algoritm litters each relevant area on a specific type of planet with around 50 cubes. All planets with Vortex Cubes are rich with an almost unlimited count. As of now, on some planets Vortex Cubes are littered on the ground (you WILL NOT be attacked by Sentinals in this instance) in lush areas and caves, while on others, they grow from Vortex Stones (you WILL be attacked by Sentinals in this instance). One can easily make millions of units in a short amount of time by selling acquired Vortex Cubes at nearby trading posts and shelters. See the video below for an example.

Become Emeril Man

Neutral precious stones like Emeril and rare exotics like Omegon fetch high prices in Space Stations and Trading Posts. Mining is a huge part of earning early wealth. Upgrade your mining tools and chow down on minerals. (Just be careful of the space police should you mine too much!)

Get More Suit Slots

If you can carry more, you can sell more and earn more. Upgrading your Exosuit using Drop Pods allows you to carry more gathered materials. this means more sales of valuable resources, which in turn means more money, which means more Exosuit slots. Just keep repeating!

So how do you find Drop Pods? Use the Signal Scanners you find planetside. By hacking these with Bypass Chips and searching for Shelters, you’ll find Drop Pods with Exosuit upgrades.

Spend Money to Earn Money

Ships are similar to suits. The more slots you have, the more you can carry, the more you can sell, and the more you can earn.

Find Atlas Stones

If you’re fortunate enough to stumble on to an Atlas Station, entering will reveal an Atlas Stone… a rare and extremely valuable commodity that can be sold for vast sums.

For more on finding Atlas Stations, see our guide to Atlas Passes.

Sell Junk

Don’t get attached to the Elements you’re collecting. Unless you have a fairly immediate crafting goal, it’s almost always best to sell off your spare materials. Otherwise, you’ll slow down your collection cycle and stall out your progress.