Scum Game – All Cave locations (30/30)

Here you can find the locations of 30 caves. This does not include the underwater caves added more recent. There will be a post soon for those locations. *Updated 14 May 2019. Credit goes to u/USASgtNickFury from Reddit 1. A1 #teleport yourname -539705.59179 -386756.99687 0 2. A1 #teleport yourname -560102.80659 -452644.86338 0 3. A2 #teleport […]

List of known Scum exploits, bugs and tricks

As Scum is still in early access there are still quite a few bugs and exploits. This page will be updated continuously so check back regularly to see what is new or what has been removed. Please email me or comment below and I will add and credit your contributions. Regaining Stamina This is done […]